Matt Shaffer goes savage mode on Tahoe’s terrain parks.

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Most people could agree that “savage” may be the most overused word on the internet right now, but I honestly can’t think of any other way to describe the homie Matt Shaffer’s season edit. Matt slays all of the features Tahoe has to offer at Northstar, Boreal, and Squaw Valley with equal part style and power. Coming off of a great contest year last year (First place at Burton Qualifiers, Second place at Loon Last Call) I can’t wait to see what Shaffe has in store for us this season. PS — for anyone that doesn’t know Matt, he goes hard from first chair until the lights are coming on at the bar…and it shows. Look for more of Matt and other Tahoe rippers in upcoming Heckler Media edits this season. PEACE.


Sponsors: Volcom, Union Bindings, Smith, Thirty-Two, Gilaffe Snowboards

Filmers: Jonathan Goggin, Kurt Brending, Sawyer Mahoney, Daniel Vega, Ryder England, Mike Burton

Editors: Jonathan Goggin, Kurt Brending

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