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There is no doubt that a large part of the skateboard world is more interested in tall cans, spliffs, and fast food than personal fitness. Not to mention the fact that if you are skating regularly you are getting a 100x better workout than your average New Years resolution gym-goer, so chances are you don’t really need to shed too many extra pounds. That being said, one of the best parts of skateboarding and other sports like it is the opportunity it affords people to be original. This is where Joel Morgenweck comes into the picture. Joel wants to be able to be known as both a skateboarder AND a bodybuilder. While having already lived the party lifestyle that comes with being “in the game“ Morgenweck is now a little bit older, wiser, and in better shape than ever. This begs the question, is he the most jacked skater in the game?

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Like The Highlander…there can only be one, but Joel has some pretty tough competition if he wants to claim this crown. The most obvious choice when you scroll the list of burly boarders is Brandon Biebel. known for his transformation from the lanky kid in a 4x tee we met in “Yeah Right!” to the to tank top clad ledge destroyer we know today, Biebel clearly cares equally about his tricks and his physique. The second is Nick Dompierre, a respected pro who has had his fair share of video parts as well as the covers of both Thrasher and Transworld. Dompierre now focuses the majority of his time on his YouTube channel where he makes video logs of his progress in both skateboarding and bodybuilding.

This is where things get interesting…and down right hilarious. Morgenweck has started a full blow instagram campaign calling out anyone (mostly Dompierre) that thinks they can step up to the challenge. Skateboarding and weight lifting together in one competition, winner takes the throne. Check out Weck channeling his inner Jamal Smith in his latest video.

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Morgenweck’s online onslaught has even caught the attention of Berrics owner Steve Berra, thanks largely in part to countless tags from both friends of Joel’s and random instagrammers. This had led to some online “beef” due to Berra and Dompierre’s friendship, but an unnamed source has told me that Berra is entertaining the idea.

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This is where I have to impart my personal opinion…SOMEBODY MAKE THIS SHIT HAPPEN! Seriously, does it get any better than this? Its like the WWE and Thrasher Magazine had a baby that came out of the womb clutching a brand new complete and a jar of pre-workout. I mean this dude is literally out here hitting them with the Big Poppa Pump!


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I don’t care if its 1v1, tag team, royal rumble, somebody just needs to make this happen. I know there are more than enough people like me who would love to see it, just look at a comment section on @Weckingball ‘s gram or the 85,000+ views he got on the barbell video . I mean what does anyone here have to lose? Pride? Fame? A skateboarder craves not these things. But hey, maybe Dompierre is scared. I mean if I had saw this mix of biceps and backside flips coming at me I might back down too.

Want to do your part to make this showdown happen? Follow @Weckingball ,@Nickdompierre, and @Steveberra and bring this spectacle to The Berrics where it belongs! Tag, share, comment, hell even petition if you have to but this is internet gold waiting to happen and I for one will be patiently waiting. Three words Berra… PAY PER VIEW. $ $ $


  1. I’ve never seen a more classless attempt at trying to get 15 minutes of fame. Skateboarder / Body Builder/ Actor / Comedian?

    Says who?

    More like Ocean City nobody, Fuckboi with terrible tattoos(his girl has shitty tattoos as well) Actor/Comedian? Dude you watched a little too much WCW/WWF and you’re unoriginal(YOURE BIG PAPPA CHUMP). You’re a store bought stone washed jean wearing no body that no one cares about. You have your boys on IG hyping you up while you bash Nick and Brandon for not accepting or entertaining your bullshit.

    You’re a waste of time man. Both of those guys are doing their thing while you’re in Ocean City, NJ being a fucking clown.

    I bet you’re the typical Jersey kid who’s parents paid for everything and let you be a little douche bag and chase the dream of being a pro skater on their dime. I don’t know Brandon’s back ground but I do know Nick’s and that kid came from absolutely nothing. He had it all, and it all came tumbling down but he’s on his feet pursing what he loves and influencing all walks of life UNLIKE YOU!

  2. Those disciplines plus maybe barrel jumping are the only forms of skateboarding that should be in the Olympics. So let s assume that what the Skate Federation is pushing for inclusion is the more general skateboarding that you ve seen in Thrasher for the last 3 decades and I think most of the author s statements are valid.

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