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If you don’t live somewhere in the Arctic Circle, by you must have heard the latest single from the Migos “T-Shirt“. The song’s visual counterpart has already received acclaim from critics. Even Chance The Rapper has chimed in saying “This needs an Oscar”. What you may not have know about the music video (which now has over 11.5 million views) is that a certain crew of snowboarders played an integral part in the production. Lake Tahoe based shredders GBP Gremlinz provided location, backdrop, and even some props for the project. After being connected through some mutual friends it was decided that the video would be shot at Tahoe local and GBP O.G. Jeff Sponzo’s home, and the Gremlinz would help with transportation around Tahoe during production.

@Offsetyrn x @Sp0nzo x @Quavohuncho

The video itself is a gem to say the least. The “Bad and Boujee” trio are shown walking through the Sierras, clad in fur that probably cost more than most peoples homes. Shortly after that they approach an old man who is cooking what one can only think is crack, in his igloo. The old man’s humble abode is where the Gremlinz made their first mark in the video. The igloo was constructed by Sponzo along with fellow Gremlinz Matt Douglass, Zach “THE KiD” Lefter, Dakota Whitaker, and more.

Woah Kemosabe

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You can also see the GBP logos on the snowmobiles at 1:59 as the Migos take a few video chicks for a joy ride. One sled ride apparently even ended with one video vixen getting ejected into a nice bit of powder, much to the acclaim of migos and crew.

@Gilaffesnowboards getting a little free press in there too.

A top notch video from a group as global as the Migos is not totally surprising, but doing so with the help of snowboarder’s is definitely something worth noting. After all im sure Quavo and co. have respect for guys who can “Jump out the gym”. I’m not totally sure if the Hip-hop world has any idea how much they influence the snowboard industry, but this is definitely a start to bringing the two worlds closer together.

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