Choppin’ it up: The Injured-view with Jonny Mamba

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“I don’t want to be just another black snowboarder, I just want to be known as a good snowboarder”. 

Not too long ago (ok maybe I was a little late getting this out) I got the chance to drop by and chat with yerboi Mamba after a day of shredding Bear. He sent me the address and when we pulled onto the street I immediately picked out his crib. A half full case of Monster and a round rail that some less fortunate mountains would love to have in their park were laying in the front yard.  We walked inside to find Mamba parked on the couch watching the movie “Friday”. I figured since I was going for a “casual vibe” for the interview (that’s a code word for low/no budget) we would just start rolling and see what happened. Two camera malfunctions and a re-formatted SD card later, this is what we got.  Most of the conversation didn’t involve the race card, but there was no way we couldn’t discuss it a bit as i channeled my inner Sal Masakela. The only real question i missed during this interview is what exactly the perks of a sponsorship from WeinerSchnitzel are like, but I’m just going to go ahead and assume they’re LIT.


Watch all of this seasons MAMBA MINUTE’s below, and watch out for yerboi in the future…especially if he’s wearing his “Fuck it Bucket”!

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