Dank Muzik: Forty Ounce “Where Art Goes to Die”

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It would be hard to explain the vibe of the South Jersey based alternative hip-hop duo Forty Ounce without getting to know them a bit first.


First we have Ben Graeff, the Nub TV jack of all trades who has mastered more than just music. While building the foundation of Nub TV with his two brothers, Ben has also had a successful career in the surf world both on and off his board. When a torn patellar tendon put him on the shelf for a bit, he had more time to focus on being the self-proclaimed “best looking rapper in the game” as well as the announcing side of the surf world. While i can’t argue with the fact that Ben without a doubt has bars, he definitely has a leg up on the competition having Frank Chase in his corner.


I’ve had the chance to spend a lot of time around Frank and we have had some pretty in depth talks (mostly fueled by Jameson amongst other mind-altering substances) but let me make it clear, this guy fucking lives for music. Frank was 100% the kid who you sat next to all the way through school that NEVER stopped tapping on his desk. Coming from an eclectic music background ( Hip-hop, Pop-Punk, Metal, 90′s bubble gum pop) and the ability to play just about any genre on the drums, it made sense that he would go on to be a key member of South Jersey local music powerhouse Easy Does It in the early 2000′s. Anyone who didn’t live under a rock in the greater Atlantic City area circa 2007 knew about these guys and probably played countless games of beer pong to songs like “Coolin Out”. On top of that EDI’s off branch Whank TV was handing out DVDs of the band raging, banging random chicks, and creating music from time to time. As a 15-25 year old male, it was pretty hard not to be down with that. Although Easy Does It is no longer around, Chase’s talents wethered the storm that can be trying to “make it” in the music industry. More than just a drummer, Chase produces multiple forms of music along with engineering for himself and others.

These guys are two of my good friends and obviously i think they are the shit (did i mention i’m featured on a bonus track?) but don’t let me bias your opinion. This album has may not have something for everyone, but anyone without a stick up their ass and an ear for uplifting party tracks should definitely add it to their next playlist. Going further than just “coldies” with the boys (both Ben and Frank are currently sober and v-logging every day of 2016), they share some pretty heavy insight into their fears, aspirations, and thoughts on society. The choice jam of this collection for me is “Girls, Girls, Girls” with the Jagermeister-drinking reggae legends Pepper. Without getting too complex that record is a radio ready smash that touches on all of the nuisances of todays Instagram “Models” and the Netflix and chill generation. Overall i love the vibe of Forty Ounce and they draw their influences from so many different areas, it’s hard to truly compare them to anyone. In a world that lacks originality Forty Ounce is rolling through with a ghetto blaster on each of their shoulders smacking your phone out of your hand and telling you to wake the fuck up and go enjoy your life.


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